Gluten and Eggs

Initially I tried out a gluten free diet along with the pseudo-catalase cream thinking that it may have a little beneficial effect, but didn't expect it to be much more effective than, say, taking some vitamin tablets. Boy was I wrong!

Even without the cream I could see small improvements with the white spots, but mostly, no new ones appeared.  I then started eating diet with gluten and eggs again just to confirm the effect.  Within one month of going back to a normal diet (and not using the cream), about half of the little pigments that were so painfully gained, were wiped out. I first assumed it to be the gluten....

I then went through a phase of eating a lot of eggs (good source of proteins). Again I noticed some de-pigmentation. A blood test for food allergies showed that there was no allergy against any food groups, however, there were signs (IgG4 test) that the immune system reacts to eggs and to a small extent to gluten.

Thus I highly recommend to have an allergy test done.  Avoid any food groups your immune system reacts to and see if it has an effect.

So what does this say about the cream then? Was that just a placebo? No, I am convinced that the cream can significantly improve re-pigmentation.  However, without finding the cause that started off the Vitiligo in the first place, you are fighting a constant battle for your pigments.

Try different diets and see if it has an affect.  Try going gluten free for a month and see if anything changes. If not try rice, try soya, try eggs, etc.

There is absolutely no guarantee it will have any effect, but certainly worth a shot.

Now, there is not much published scientific evidence to support a link between food allergies and vitiligo.  The only one I could find was the following:

There is also quite a bit of anecdotal evidence out there.  An interesting article was the following:

Gluten is also known to cause quite a variety of skin problems:

Here is a video that explains more about gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease: