Some Personal Experiences  and Research into Vitiligo

Getting Rid of those White Spots


Vitiligo is a condition that causes depigmentation of patches of skin. It occurs when melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation, die or are unable to function. The cause of vitiligo is unknown, but research suggests that it may arise from autoimmune, genetic, oxidative stress, neural, or viral causes.” (Quoted from Wikipedia)

In other words, if you have Vitiligo, you will develop white spots across your body and nobody knows why or how to cure it. You can go to the doctors, but the usual response will be  “There is nothing that can be done”.  Some may try and may sell you certain 'therapies' that at best will cause a temporary slight re-pigmentation, only to be lost soon after, but certainly will cost you lots of money.

So it seems that if you are suffering from Vitiligo, you better accept your fate to watch those spots grow month by month. Eventually you can then either bleach your remaining pigmented skin, live as an Albino and never expose your skin to the sun (ie do a Michael Jackson), or you could spent every morning putting on make up and hope it doesn't look too obvious and if that fails  just accept the fact that you look “special”.  This is what modern, 21st century medicine had to offer so far – Isn't that just great!

Suffering from Vitiligo myself, I was getting desperate to 'find something' that works. The spots were growing all across my legs and beginning to appear on my neck. It was only a matter of time until they would show up in my face and chest. Those damn white spots were beginning to seriously interfere with my live. As no doctor can help you, you begin to search the web and any book for anything that may work. And there is no shortage of opinions on what could cause it, and what expensive product you should buy from some dodgy website which will have some magic, unproven least on your wallet.  Unfortunately, when it comes to proven scientific facts, it gets a little thin.

I had tried all sorts of things from vitamin pills, diets, piperine creams, phlogenzym and UV light to no lasting effect. Nothing would stop them. Finally I came across a website by Professor Karin Schallreuter ( and finally – finally there was at least some real science.

In her studies, she found out that cells with Vitiligo, have a high content of Hydrogen Peroxide. A natural by-product of normal metabolic processes, which is usually quickly broken down into water and oxygen by an enzyme called catalase. However, in vitiligo suffering cells this process doesn't seem to occur, for reasons unknown. The high concentration then either directly destroys the pigment cells or attracts white blood cells to attack them. As with so many things with vitiligo, the details are not fully understood, but what is known, is that reducing the hydrogen peroxide in the cells, sets the condition right for the pigmentation cells to return.

So she and others have come up with a cream that does exactly that, called pseudo-catalase cream, patented it and sell it in their own clinic.

Now, I have not been to her clinic, simply because of the long waiting list, its in the middle of nowhere and she wasn't available as she had broken her leg. However I found the patent of the cream on the internet, reproduced it, applied it twice daily, for half a year now.

In fact I found two patents out for a pseudo-catalase cream.  The first one by John M. Wood and Karin U. Schallreuter: Composition-And-Method-Of-Treating-Depigmentation-Disorders

The second one, by Colin Sanders, David A. Matkin and Neale C. Wareham improves on the first recepie by examining the importance of Disodium EDTA as a content in the cream and the order in which the cream is made: Pseudocatalase-Activity

My second approach was to see if a gluten free diet would have an effect.  It was a theory I have come across on the internet and thought it's worth a shot.

The results were amazing! No new spots appeared and the old ones were re-pigmenting. Several are now mostly covered up.

On the next section, The Cream, I will describe the recipe and the way I make it myself, according to the patent.


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