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Does your skin think its injured?

Lately, it has been shown that your skin cells actually produce H2O2 to signal white blood cells and healing cells to injuries on your skin.  This brings up the theory whether Vitiligo is a massive (and uncommon) auto-immune response to what the body perceives as an attack on the skin.  This may be caused by something we eat or by external factors in contact with our skin.  One could come up with a long list of possible culprits, Gluten, Lactose, pollution in the air, colorings in clothes, cotton, etc.  However no single substance has been found to be responsible for Vitiligo so far and the allergic reaction to a substance can be completely different from one person to another.

The two links below describe the new findings of the role of H2O2 in wounds:

Grey Hair

It's been shown that the greying of hair is due to a build-up of H2O2 in the hair follicles. Since we now know that pseudo-catalase cream can break down the H2O2 in skin cells, it may do so as well in hair follicles.  So one interesting experiment would be for someone with greying hair to mix their own "Hair Water".  Find some Hair product containing EDTA and ideally little else.  Mix in the Manganese and Calcium as described under "The Cream" section and theoretically you should see your grey hair regaining its original color over time.

See the links below for some interesting information:

DNA Repair

Could Hydrogen Peroxide be protecting against cancer? Apparently it activates the DNA repair mechanisms, possibly preventing cancer cells from forming and slows down aging.  See the scientific paper below: