Other Things Tried


Another substance which has been found to encourage pigmentation of the skin is Piperine (a compound of black pepper).  It is a food supplement and can be bought in shops or the internet.  Grounded to a powder and mixed in with a skin cream, I have tried this, applying it daily.  Unfortunately it has not reversed nor even stopped the Vitiligo.  In my experience this may at best accelerate the re-pigmentation, but only if the Hydrogen Peroxide levels in the skin have previously been lowered through the pseudo-catalase.  Thus it may be beneficial as a second cream on top of the pseudo-catalase cream, but it will not stop the Vitiligo on its own. If used, apply the cream after exposure to UV light.



There is no double-blind study out there of the effectiveness of Wobenzym on Vitiligo, but I thought Ill experiment with it just on the off chance it may have an effect.  Wobenzym is an enzyme,  "Components of Wobenzym remove harmful metabolic products at the site of inflammation and speed up absorption of edemas, bruises, and hematomas"

Again it will not stop Vitiligo.  However I was under the impression that some spots of pigmentation returned.  But even taking it in large quantities (12 tablets a day) and for several months, the white spots still kept growing.  

So, since it has little side effects, it may be worth a shot to help with some white spots, but it will certainly not get rid of them all.  Its also not cheap, so I wouldn't waste too much money on it, if there are no signs of it working after a month.

Ginko Extract and Vitamins

No noticeable improvements.  They may be good for you but doesn't affect your Vitiligo.  I wish it were that simple...