The Effects

The pictures below show the same white spot (taken at slightly altering angles) and the effect the cream with occasional exposure to UV light has on it.  The first photo was taken about two month after using the cream.  However for the first month, the cream was only applied once a day.  The white spot had stopped growing, but very little re-pigmentation was occuring yet.

The second picture shows the same spot after the cream was applied for about six months (twice daily).  As can be seen, there is considerable re-pigmentation.  Its a rather uneven distribution of pigments which I found somewhat unexpected.

The third picture was taken after eight months.  More pigments have appeared and several of these are beginning to blend together into one.

Vitiligo at Peak     Vitiligo Retreating     Vitilio Repigmenting

The photos below show different white spots where pigmentation is re-appearing.  Pigmentation first appears in a fairly irregular fashion and slowly start to overlap.  The white spots below have been treated with the cream for about 7 months.

Pigments Regrowing    

I will post more pictures in the future...